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We are here to support you as parents and educators and we work in the age range birth to 14 years of age in areas of parent support, teaching and learning, children's behaviours, and school and Early Childhood Education professional development.

We  provide expertise and support to parents, educators and organisations to create optimal parenting, learning and educational environments for children birth to 14 years. The organisation prides itself on our knowledge base and expertise, and on maintaining an independent voice on the national and international stage for children’s development, teaching and learning, research and parenting.


it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. ( Herman Melville)

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Understanding Children's Behaviour

22 February 2017

Book now to gain support and strategies to effectively respond appropriately to children's behaviour by seeking to understand, nurture and guide. For educators working with Babies to six year olds.

Early Life Foundations Face Book and Twitter

22 February 2017

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NAPLAN to NOWHERE – An Ineffectual Test

19 February 2017

How many times do we need to say this about NAPLAN?!

It is disturbing to find government ministers claiming that schools don't teach to the test and children and teachers don't become stressed about NAPLAN when it is clear that across the country they do ("Brands cash in on pupil test fear", 11/5). It is even more concerning that an ineffectual test, which measures so little in a narrow and meaningless way for individuals, pretends that it can capture the essence of what is happening across a county as diverse as Australia.

So it begs the question ... why does the Federal government insist on placing such emphasis and credence on the NAPLAN? Particularly given the compelling research, what the experts say and what the school communities know about the limitations and the negative ramifications in terms of learning and practice.  The answer lies in the Government having good intention - to raise educational standards and to measure these standards so that they as a government can support schools that need support, reward excellent teachers and provide the best opportunity as possible for our children to learn.  Unfortunately there is massive contradiction between intention and practice.

Read more in the attached editorial that Shona and Kathy wrote in 2013

Developmentally and Culturally Appropriate Practice

3 February 2017

Come and discover how knowledge of child development and culture can positively impact the teaching and learning in your context. The session provides a healthy overview of the of the mix between nature and nurture with practical strategies to assist educators in the daily decisions made about children's needs and strengths. Book on-line now!

Friday 3 March at Early Life Foundations 52 Dunmore Close Heatherton

2017 PD Brochures - Ready Now!

1 January 2017

Kathy, Shona and the ELF Team are delighted to present our 2017 professional learning brochures for Early Childhood and Primary Educators in Australia and NZ. Don't miss out on the read, download the attached pdf or click image.