WL Educator / Leader Accreditation

Walker Learning  has been specifically designed  to ensure that explicit teaching and learning is retained alongside directed and scaffolded investigations. Rigourous implementation of the WLA which will gain successful results and outcomes for children requires accurate information, ongoing professional development  support and teacher mentoring. The success and widespread interest and introduction of WL from Preschool to Year 8 across Australia is very exciting. However, one of the challenges is to ensure that schools and teaching teams have accurate information and support to assist with successful implementation.

One of the dangers is for teachers to simply visit a school where the teachers do not have a rigourous understanding of the approach and are not embracing the core "not negotiable" elements of the approach. Increasingly we are finding that schools are attempting to implement a version of the pedagogy after one or a combination of the following: attending a symposium, reading the book "Play Matters" or visiting a school which they believe are implementing a version of the WLA. We are becoming increasingly concerned that some schools or teachers are assuming that the WLA is simply adding a bit of play, that it is unstructured and does not retain explicit teaching in key learning areas. We take teaching and learning very seriously.

The design and development of  WL has taken many years of rigourous trialing within schools. Teaching teams and leadership require a rigourous understanding of the philosophy and core elements of  WL to be able implement the approach appropriately and successfully. Furthermore, WL is the Intellectual property of Kathy Walker and cannot be legally reproduced in any way without authorisation. If you are interested in or have started to explore the WLA without attending one of our introduction symposiums or if you would like for us to visit your school and leadership team, please give us a ring.

In order to maintain a high level of quality control, integrity and rigour in the WLA, we offer a teacher accreditation process for educators who are following the key principles and incorporating the core elements of the approach.

The Walker Learning accreditation criteria are attached as PDF documents below for:

  • Foundation - Year 2
  • Years 3 - Year 8
  • Leadership

Please feel free to email us with any questions regarding schools who are currently implementing Walker Learning.


WLA (F-2) Accreditation.pdf334.4 KB
WLA (Grades 3-6) accreditation.pdf330.08 KB
WLA (LEADERSHIP) accreditation.pdf125.84 KB