Walker Learning Overview Foundation to Year 2

Walker Learning (WL) is an Australian-designed teaching and learning approach (pedagogy) that authentically personalizes learning and is developmentally and culturally appropriate. Learning is real, relevant, and meaningful for all children regardless of their age, culture, family context, socioeconomic background, or geographical position. Walker Learning has been developed over twenty years using an action research model. Walker Learning is the first pedagogy to be designed for Australian schools, successfully providing teaching and learning that:

  • personalises and engages learners in active learning alongside explicit and formalised instruction
  • is culturally and developmentally appropriate across all demographic regions of the conutry from remote indigenous communities to elite independent schools

The pedagogical platform places the child at the center and uses developmental psychology, biology, and neurology alongside cultural and environmental influences as the basis for practical application across the Australian setting. Developmental psychology in recent years has been misinterpreted and misrepresented by some aspects of the educational academic forum with the assumption that the Piagetian model of a lockstep, monocultural stage ("norm") of developmental milestones prevails.