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New ventures into face book land

We have ventured into face book territory just this week. It has taken some decision making to do so.

A story of soul destruction

I was visiting a friend recently who has a daughter in the first year of school. Her daughter was upset becuase she couldnt find enough information about hump back whales.

Choosing a school

It is that time of year again when we are out and about talking with parent groups about transition, preparation and choosing a school.

Supporting parents: School Readiness

I spoke at another school readiness presentation last night.

Acknowledging staff in schools implementing the Walker Learning Approach

We have just sent out the first certificates and listed our very first staff who have become accredited for implementing the Walker Learning Approach.

The light and color of Alice Springs: Truly the centre of Australia

Having only been to the Alice once before on a brief trip when I was conducting the Australian National Preschool Inquiry, I have found myself falling in love this trip, with the beautiful desert, col

Media attention related to the importance of play and slowing the pace of childhood

I have been delighted to partipcate and speak at the first national conference of PlayGroup Australia just this past weekend up in Queensland.

A whole conference dedicated to Play and Childhood!! Hurray!!!!!

As i head off to Queensland today I am so delighted to be speaking at a conference totally devoted to children and play.

To hit or not to hit

In Victoria this week there has been yet another raging debate about whether adults, particularly parents, should or should not hit their children as a form of discipline.


I have been so sad to have our dear friend and colleague die last week from cancer.