Helen Newton


Helen is a retired primary school Principal who has worked extensively in all sectors of education: preschools, primary schools, special schools, special education consultancy, secondary schools, preservice teacher training, and universities. She has taught overseas as well as in Australia. Helen’s formal academic studies include qualifications in early childhood education, special education, and a Master’s Degree in educational administration.

As principal of Roberts McCubbin Primary School, Helen worked with the school community to create a unique multi-aged learning environment for children. Under her leadership the school achieved excellence through a broad child-centred curriculum with a strong emphasis on the fostering of each individual child’s creativity through the performing and visual arts. The school’s motto, “Creativity and Endeavour” was chosen by Helen and her team to guide the philosophy and curriculum of their school.

Helen’s areas of special interest include educational philosophy, multi-age education, creativity and play, preschool to school transition, understanding the needs of young children, learning to read, reading disability, and children with special learning needs. As an educational writer, Helen has published many articles on early childhood education, leadership, and the development of reading and language skills in young children. Her recent innovative work with university students as volunteers in assisting teenagers with reading difficulties was awarded a literacy grant by the federal government.

Helen has worked with Kathy Walker in a number of educational settings and on numerous projects for more than 15 years. Together they have presented papers and seminars on multi-age education; child development, emotional intelligence and educational leadership.

Helen works with the Early Life team, parents and schools in the assessment of children’s readiness for transition from preschool to school.