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Seeking an Administration Officer / Personal Assistant

15 August 2012

Early Life Foundations is seeking an administration officer / personal assistant to become part of our exciting and innovative Education Consultancy and Parent-Child-Family support team based in Melbourne's bayside area in Brighton.

Position Description The Administrative Officer's primary role is to coordinate, triage and ensure all administration tasks are undertaken in a professional, timely and effective way.  Duties will include data base management, maintaining financial records, communicating with clients, management and documentation of meetings and PA to the directors.

Skills Required

The successful applicant will have a bright and engaging personality, excellent organisation and administrative skills, initiative, ability to triage tasks appropriately and very good communication skills.

Specific skills include:

  • Proven computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and MYOB
  • Data base management skills
  • Skills in mail merge
  • Exceptional communication skills (oral and written)
  • 5 years experience in a similar role

P/T:  20-30 hours per week (flexibility with days and hours - negotiable)


Position description: "contact us" section on the website.

Applications close: COB Friday 24th August 2012

Forward application and CV to:



Early Childhood Professional Learning

14 August 2012

Another busy week in presentations on issues including: Emotional intelligence and relationship building, documentation that is sensible and saves time, popular culture and childhood and resilience.

Podcasts :Understanding and using consequences as well as school readiness

29 July 2012

Our latest podcast on consequences is now available as well as the school readiness podcast.

Early Life Conference Save the Date

29 July 2012

Watch this Space. Our first national conference will be held next year in September or October.
more news to follow!!!

We don't do themes in Early Childhood

29 July 2012

Check out and read our latest editorial. We are increasingly worried by the number of these and projects creeping back into early childhood programs.

Popular Culture, Media and Childhood

29 July 2012

We are presenting at the City of GlenEira inAugust on how childhood is impacted by media and popular culture. contact GlenEira for details.

Advance notice Save the date

28 July 2012

Our first national conference is being held in Melbourne in2013 September or October next year.
Keep it in mind as you plan your budgets for next year. More details and dates soon!!!

How long is too long in School?

25 July 2012

We have been asked my media this week about how long is too long for children to be in school. Are children staying at school too many hours? Is this difficult for children?

Before and after school care, plus the hours children spend in school can add up to perhaps 9 or 10 hours a day for some children actually spending in school. This is often longer than the teachers!!
However, it is too simplistic to say, this is too long for all children.
We live in a complex society. Not that many decades ago, children would go home to empty houses, children were referred to as latch key kids, where they would be home alone, unsupervised whilst their parents were at work.
Before and after school care programs are quality controlled and regulated and provide care, support, food, entertainment and activities for children, not more school work.
It is also true that many children may be picked up after school but don't go home to cookies and relaxation. They are taken to extra curricula activities and spend just as long a day or hours in activities.
The question is probably not, how long is too long at school, but rather, what opportunities are there for children at relax, to slow the pace, to unwind at the end of a school day, regardless of where that relaxation occurs.


13 July 2012

Many organisations missed out this year on bookings for us to present and work with them. Believe it or not we are booked up to 9-12 months in advance. Call or email on how to book for 2013.

Emotional Intelligence and leadership session July 27th Call or email for bookings

12 July 2012

Our next Friday session based upon Emotional Intelligence is focussed on issues of leadership for primary and early childhood teachers, directors and principals. Call or email or see EI brochure for details and bookings.

Its the process not the Project in Early Childhood Education

10 July 2012

Our most recent editorial now posted on our website discusses the importance of not placing adult type thinking and expectations upon young preschoolers in their early childhood programs. Please read.

Opinion on Family Law and Shared Care

10 July 2012

ELF is often asked about children being "shared" between separated parents. Often these children are as young as 18 months or 3 years of age. Please read on for details.

All studies across the world indicate that young children require consistency in home life. The concept of "sharing" children across two homes, two beds, two suburbs, two lifestyles, two friendship groups, two parenting styles, double almost everything, is not conducive to the consistency required in the formative years for young children.
Particularly children with anxious personalities, children who are very young require a constancy in their lives.
Attempting to provide two parents across two homes, often requiring children to move between the two at intervals of 2 or 3 nights at a time, is physically and emotionally exhausting, often causing confusion in young children about actually where on earth they "belong".
It is sad but necessary at times for parents to consider the emotional and practical needs of young children rather than perhaps the emotional needs of the parents.
Whist young children need access and regular contact with both parents, it is usually both psychologically, emotionally and practically more secure, consistent and reassuring for young children to be in the one home with one set of rules, routines, and familiar community in their formative years.
We may "share" many aspects of our lives, but young human lives, are not objects or toys or pets to be shared or shuttled between places and spaces in their formative years.
Unfortunately we witness many adults actually calculating the number of hours and minutes they are supposed to have the child in the name of "shared care", rather than what might be sensible in terms of just general common sense and the well being of children.
It is not meant to be about the needs or rights of adults, its meant to be about the rights and needs of children.

Fact sheets of parenting tips, behaviour and consequences

29 June 2012

Its always helpful to gain a few extra strategies and support on parenting tips over the holidays. Check out our fact sheets for supports and ideas.

Parent support consultations

29 June 2012

We offer free phone supports as well as paid face to face consultations for parenting support in children's behaviour and general parenting issues.

Holidays approaching: Fact sheets for parents

28 June 2012

Across Australia many states and Territories are taking holidays. For holiday tips on children's behaviour, resilience, play and other ideas for parents, see our parent fact sheets on the parent landing page.

Latest Newsletter now out

28 June 2012

Out latest free newsletter is now out. Subscribe for free and have it emailed to you now!!

Check out our new magnets with quotes and comments

20 June 2012

Fridge magnets to keep you sane!! Check out our online shop to purchase.

Opportunity to join our Early Life Foundations team. Admin Officer part time Re advertised

12 June 2012

We are currently recruiting for a part time, 20-25 hour per week administrative officer to join our existing but ever growing team.

We are based in the Bayside area of Melbourne and are seeking someone who has excellent people, admin and phone manner skills.
We need a people person who can work as a member of a team and independently!! Email us through the contact us of our website for more details and a position description.

When normal isn't normal anymore!!! The new Healthy Kids mental health check See our Editorial

11 June 2012

Our organisation is most concerned about the dangerous message about typical behaviours of toddlers and preschoolers in the Governments new Mental health check for young children. In other words, for most children, there is no mental health problem!!! Please read our editorial

Around Australia in 7 days!!!

11 June 2012

Its been wonderful to speak to families in Tassie, ACT, Brisbane, Perth, Melb, Katherine, Darwin, Bendigo, Adelaide and Sydney in just the past 7 days. Cant quite remember how we got there, but we did!!!