Michelle P

7 May 2011

I just had to write as soon as I finished reading the newsletter and in particular, Kathy's comments on "Documentation Gone Mad". I could not agree more, I have been very anxious for some time now that all this pressure to document every move and word that was uttered during a session was actually removing staff from the face to face "real" interactions that are the backbone of our relationships with them and the only way to build this relationship that leads to trust, warmth, understanding and growth (for children and adults). Having just met with 2 dear friends (both early childhood teachers of over 30 years standing such as myself) who are both stressed to the max over the move toward more and more documentation and how this is affecting the day to day valuable interactions with children, I couldn't agree more with Kathy’s comments. Sadly though, the pressure for this type of measure of our program is coming down from CSA's and causing teachers no end of stress and is sadly also causing wonderful teachers to doubt the programs they are delivering. Please, we must speak out more and more about this before we lose even more wonderful experienced teachers! Michelle P