Early Childhood Education

Innovative, independent and leaders in early childhood education across Australia, Early Life Foundations provides a wide range of support services for early childhood educators. Early childhood education is one of society’s most important professions and areas of education. Research unequivocally demonstrates that if we can provide a solid, intentional, play based curriculum with a rich creative environment with highly professional educators in the field, children will receive a quality early childhood education that will influence and impact upon their lives and learning for their futures.

Early Life Foundations supports Early Childhood Educators across Australia and internationally. Our specialist team, lead by Directors Kathy Walker and Shona Bass, provide a wide variety of professional development opportunites and resources for Early Childhood Educators, including professional development courses, customised workshops, parent information sessions and a range of resources.

Please download our 2015 Early Childhood Educators brochure on this page or call the Early Life Foundations Centre on (03) 9551 1900 for more information.