Quality of teaching and learning

Our organization works Nationally and internationally in teaching, learning and curriculum design.
With the long awaited report due out this week on funding and education from the Federal Government into education, it is interesting to note that funding itself is not necessarily the major factor into quality teaching. Rather, the quality of teaching. this unsurprising to us and many other researchers and educators. Too much time is spent here on discussing funding debates and allocation of funds and not nearly enough is being done on funding rigorous professional learning for teachers and much more rigorous pre service teacher education.
In many European countries which gain excellent learning outcomes for students, teachers are highly qualified and have extensive additional professional learning opportunities.
An over emphasis on theories and not enough emphasis on the skills required to actually teach, scaffold, manage behaviours, engage students, extend skills and promote the skills of research, investigations and learning how to learn are a current problem at this time in teacher education.
The simplistic view that all that is needed is a return to sitting behind desks and rote learning is also not the answer. Learning is complex and it is also not just about results. So over the next few weeks in the immediate responses to the report and then in the next year and future years in education, wisdom and deep thinking will be needed, not another round of politically motivated knee jerk responses.