Harry B

1 March 2013

Just a little feed back from the Emotional Intelligence talk I attended yesterday. I found the talk most helpful and interesting and couldn't wait to get home to put into practise some of the many helpful tips. My morning routine started and I focused on keeping calm and became mindful of some of the re-phasing of requests. To my surprise my 7 year old commented on our unusually delightful walk to school " Mummy, something is different this morning. We haven't shouted and it feels really nice!" My confidence grew and I beamed from ear to ear. I'm so glad I attended the talk. Today is just the beginning. Its never too late to ... stop ... and refocus. I might add that my 5 and 7 year old kids had no idea I had attended this talk. Thanks again for putting me back on the road to becoming a better parent! Regards Harry