Pauline W.

18 March 2013

I couldn't agree more with the views of our school, as reinforced by experts like Kathy Walker, that to succeed in life our generation of children is going to need more than literacy and numeracy skills, they are going to need a whole range of social, emotional and life skills too. In this increasingly complex and rapidly changing world it is no longer enough for them just to learn facts and content in school, they need to learn how to research that content themselves, how to make decisions for themselves, how to be self-motivated and initiate ideas, and how to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with each other. Over the last couple of years it has been really exciting watching my son Callum, who is now in Grade 2, learning all these skills through the Walker Learning Approach. I have loved watching him learn to take responsibility for his own work, self initiating little projects that revolve around whatever he is interested in and using his creative thinking, problem solving skills and research skills to bring them to life whether it be making a little collage on Africa or making a book on Ancient Egypt. I have loved watching him learning how to work collaboratively with others as he has run cafes, worked on plays and put on fashion shows with his classmates. And it has been great watching his self-confidence and oral language skills grow as he has learnt to talk about his investigations in front of his class and even present them to other classes. My daughter Lila who has only just started in Prep is already gaining great independence and self-confidence through finding her own activities to work on and learning to talk about them in front of the class, which is really exciting to watch. It is still early days for the Walker Learning Approach at our school and we still have work to do to get it working smoothly across the whole school, but I for one am very glad we have embarked on this journey. Pauline