Early Life Foundations & the Walker Learning Approach 2013 National Tour: Sydney

1 November 2013

Attention: New South Wales - Don't miss our upcoming National Tour professional development sessions in Sydney with our Directors Kathy Walker & Shona Bass on November 28 & 29! The National Tour will include 2 Professional Development Sessions in Sydney:

Walker Learning: Preschool to Year 2 Introduction - Professional Development Session: Want to find out more about the Walker Learning Approach? The Walker Learning Approach (WLA) provides developmentally and culturally appropriate personalised learning for children from Preschool to Year 8. The WLA is an evidence-based pedagogy with over 15 years of research validating its success at engaging children in real, relevant and meaningful learning. This session will provide a wonderful mix of the theoretical underpinnings of the approach alongside the key elements of practical application in the classroom from Preschool to Year 2. This session will include video and photo footage from schools using the WLA across the country.

Early Childhood Education: Want Your Life Back - Professional Development Session: This professional development session will look at documentation and planning that doesn’t take your weekend away or interrupt your interactions with children! How did we arrive at a point where we are so busy taking photos and writing up stories and descriptions of children’s learning that it actually takes us away from our interactions, our scaffolding and our time with the children? This session presents a realistic and practical range of strategies to document and record information that links to the NQF expectations and is useful to share with parents and children but does not require huge amounts of time, ink, photos and writing! Both of these great professional development sessions will be hosted by Aero Kids Early Learning Centre, Mascot. Please book in for our National Tour professional development sessions through our website or give us a ring for more details!