Parent Workshops Series

Learning together in parent workshops is fun and collegial.

Early Life Foundations conducts a three part parent workshop series titled "Effective Parenting; Family Support and Strategies with Children's Behaviour" at the Early Life Foundations Centre in Moorabbin Victoria on Tuesday evenings throughout the year. This three part parent workshop can also be arranged at your school, preschool, centre or venue.

Please contact the Early Life Foundations Centre at (03) 95511900 if you are interested in attending our next scheduled parent workshop series being held in Moorabbin or you have a group of parents from your school, preschool or centre who would like to organise a customised series.

Outline of the Parenting Workshop

Each session has a general guide to the key issues and strategies that will be covered. However each series responds to the particular issues and questions of the actual participants and therefore each session is slightly modified to accommodate the specific needs of parents.

Click here for the general summary of the series.


Please note, the parent workshop series is designed for parents to attend all 3 sessions and is limited to 20 parents per session to ensure quality of presentation and discussion. Details of our 2015 Tuesday Parent Workshop Series are in our parent Brochure and are conducted at the Early Life Foundations Centre Moorabbin, (Set of 3 sessions at $170.00 per person, plus GST).