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Reducing bullying in the playground – new opportunities with Proactive Playgrounds.

Bullying and challenging behavior in the playground is usually a sign that the children are not engaged. Bare playgrounds with limited resources offer children little opportunity to engage in play, little opportunity to be creative, to take risks, to explore, to collaborate, to build, to experiment and just to have fun.

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Early Life Foundations Proactive Playgrounds provides expertise and consultancy to schools to develop their playgrounds to engage children in positive play, while reducing bullying and challenging behavior.

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Understanding Children's Behaviour

22 February 2017

Book now to gain support and strategies to effectively respond appropriately to children's behaviour by seeking to understand, nurture and guide. For educators working with Babies to six year olds.

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Effective learning is not getting 10 out of 10 for spelling and or reaching a reading benchmark level on time if in the process it dampened your spirit, sqaushed your imagination and didnt help you to learn how to keep learning. Meaningful life and learning is not just about a score.