Learning and Life is a Mix of Genes, Biology, Environment, Culture and Family Influences; May 2009

It may seem that I am about to state the obvious; however the obvious needs to be stated when there is a shift in thinking and attitudes that defy the obvious and the known.

Redefining Meaningful Teaching, Learning and Assessment: April 2009

Unfortunately throughout the broader community, issues often get confused and highly complex matters are at times simplified which lead to misunderstandings of critical issues.

Getting it Right in the Early Childhood Years; March 2009

I have been re reading the Canadian Early Years Study which has been one of the world's major studies in recent years on early childhood development, children and families.

Learning in the Early Childhood Years; February 2009

As Cat Stevens sang and wrote many years ago, “let the children play” Learning in the Early Childhood Years.

Redefining an Education Revolution; January 2009

It has become increasingly difficult to view the range of issues related to education without politics, economics and hidden agendas infiltrating and harming what should be one of a society’s most treasured and important opportunities for all children.