Promoting a Love For Literacy & Language in the Home

How do you as parents promote a rich love of reading, talking and language in your own home without having to be a teacher or use formalised strategies? The good news is that you don’t have to teach your child to read and recite the alphabet and write their name at the age of 3 or 4. This session provides a range of fun, easy and “ordinary” life experiences that will promote a love and familiarity of literature as well as give lots of practice in vocabulary, conversation and helping your child recognise that life is filled with symbols and signs that have meaning.

Boys & Girls

Are there differences and does it matter? Do we become a boy or a girl simply by the cultural and social influences in our life and society? Are there differences from birth and does it matter? This presentation considers aspects of development, behaviour and expectations of boys and girls and provides some thoughts and directions as to how we view gender issues and how they impact upon our parenting and decision making.

Support Services for Parents & Children

Early Life Foundations supports parents and communities across Australia and internationally.

School Readiness Assessments

Early Life Foundations consultants are available to conduct individual School Readiness Assessments.

Parent Workshops Series

Early Life Foundations conducts a three part parent workshop series titled "Effective Parenting; Family Support and Strategies with Children's Behaviour" at the Early Life Foundations Centre in Bri