Early Childhood

Developmentally and Culturally Appropriate Practice

3 February 2017

Come and discover how knowledge of child development and culture can positively impact the teaching and learning in your context.

Understanding Children's Behaviour

22 February 2017

Book now to gain support and strategies to effectively respond appropriately to children's behaviour by seeking to understand, nurture and guide. For educators working with Babies to six year olds.

Setting up intentional and inviting play spaces

4 November 2016

Need inspiration to to create beautiful and engaging learning spaces? Come to a practical session at ELF Moorabbin on 25 November to update your ideas.

Conflict Resolution and Building Effective Teams

4 November 2016

Monday 14 November, at Early Life Foundations.

Bush Kinder

19 October 2016

Join us for an full day of learning in the real world! We visit a bush Kinder program in the morning and then unpack the theory behind it. Places available!

Our new book for Early Childhood Educators

4 April 2016

Our latest book is selling really well and we are receiving great feedback. For early childhood educators.

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Professional Development Session with Zart Art Play Based Learning in Adelaide

14 January 2014

ATTENTION: Adelaide! Don't miss this INCREDIBLE opportunity to attend an Early Life Foundations & Zart Art Play Based Learning Professional Development session!

2014 Australian of the Year Nomination

19 December 2013

Congratulations to our Founding Director, Kathy Walker, on her recent Australian of the Year nomination!

Comment: Understanding the Brain, Understanding the Child

15 December 2013

"It is an imperative that for all those educating children, knowledge in the field of neuroscience is a priority.

Comment: Quality & Rigour in Teaching & Learning

4 December 2013

As we travel across Australia visiting schools in all areas and demographics, we witness some excellent teaching and teachers. We also witness great diversity and a wide range of standards of teaching across all demographics, including the lack of continuity of relationships and practices, particularly in poor and indigenous communities, where teachers leave, where different programs are introduced almost every year, and where no consistent approach is used or embraced by local communities. By far, the universities producing future teachers need to drastically improve what they are doing to improve the rigour of teaching for the future. In this current debate, we also need to ensure we don't decline into the simplistic notion that higher standards of teaching simply means locking children all into rows and bore them all to death and test more. We can have rigour and explicit teaching and engage them in relevant learning at the same time. It requires creative and intelligent teaching and teachers drawing upon evidence that tells us not only what to teach but how to teach. In addition, leaders in school actually need to know how to lead pedagogy and to be given time to do so.

Comment: School Readiness

21 November 2013

If we were to judge and assess readiness for school only upon academic scores at the end of 13 years of schooling, then we probably wouldn't bother much in empowering parents and informing them to make assessments about their own children in a range of ways about quality of life and the journey throughout school. School is not just about the academic. School is about life, patterns of relationships, interactions, development of identity and school's despite their best intentions, have increasing demands and standards. Readiness is a complex range of issues for young children, particularly children in Australia where we continue to have one of the youngest age entries into school of most places across the world. Schools continue to try to be more ready for children which is great. However, attempting to measure the emotional and social elements of what it means to do more than just "cope" with the demands of school are not easily packaged for pre-schoolers. Measuring children repeating a grade in their primary years and then attempting to use that same measure and circumstance onto readiness of preschool children is like comparing apples and oranges. At Early Life Foundations, luckily we don't have to enter into the political or economic pressures that Government face or place at the current time upon the arguments or trends about readiness. We will always continue to uphold a family and child's right to think carefully about when is the best time for each individual child and family to start their school journey. Some will be ready and some won't be for a range of reasons which need to be respected. Frightening families with bits and pieces of obsolete studies based upon primary aged children repeating grades in primary school is not helpful.

Early Life Foundations Demonstration Unit

16 November 2013

If you have the opportunity to come visit us in Melbourne, last year we opened our brand new training facility in Brighton, Victoria - The Early Life Foundations Centre. Our Demonstration Unit at the Centre is especially set up as an early childhood/early years learning environment for anyone working with young children to visit, and gain a first hand experience of how to establish and provide specific play-based, learning provocations, materials and resources for young children. In addition, we also have specific ideas and demonstration of aspects of middle and upper primary years elements. Give us a ring to make a booking to visit the Demonstration Unit with an Early Life Foundations Consultant!

Professional Development with Zart Art Play Based Learning in 2014

11 November 2013

We are delighted to offer more hands-on, interactive professional development sessions in collaboration with the inspiring & creative team from Zart Art Play Based Learning in 2014! Keep an eye out for more information in our new 2014 brochures or give us a ring at (03) 9596 9056.

Customised Professional Development in 2014 - Bookings

10 November 2013

Give us a ring to organise customised professional development sessions, presentations & workshops for educators, parents & communities all across Australia in 2014!

Early Life Foundations & the Walker Learning Approach 2013 National Tour: Sydney

1 November 2013

Attention: New South Wales - Don't miss our upcoming National Tour professional development sessions in Sydney with our Directors Kathy Walker & Shona Bass on November 28 & 29! The National Tour will include 2 Professional Development Sessions in Sydney:

Walker Learning: Preschool to Year 2 Introduction - Professional Development Session: Want to find out more about the Walker Learning Approach? The Walker Learning Approach (WLA) provides developmentally and culturally appropriate personalised learning for children from Preschool to Year 8. The WLA is an evidence-based pedagogy with over 15 years of research validating its success at engaging children in real, relevant and meaningful learning. This session will provide a wonderful mix of the theoretical underpinnings of the approach alongside the key elements of practical application in the classroom from Preschool to Year 2. This session will include video and photo footage from schools using the WLA across the country.

Early Childhood Education: Want Your Life Back - Professional Development Session: This professional development session will look at documentation and planning that doesn’t take your weekend away or interrupt your interactions with children! How did we arrive at a point where we are so busy taking photos and writing up stories and descriptions of children’s learning that it actually takes us away from our interactions, our scaffolding and our time with the children? This session presents a realistic and practical range of strategies to document and record information that links to the NQF expectations and is useful to share with parents and children but does not require huge amounts of time, ink, photos and writing! Both of these great professional development sessions will be hosted by Aero Kids Early Learning Centre, Mascot. Please book in for our National Tour professional development sessions through our website or give us a ring for more details!