Early Childhood

Early Life Foundations Conference - Special Study Tour & Cocktail Party

12 June 2013

We are looking forward to our special Study Tour & Cocktail Party on Friday, October 18 for Early Life Foundations 2013 Conference Registrants! The aim of the Walker Learning Approach Study Tour is to provide teachers with an exciting opportunity to visit best practice in early childhood and primary years (P-6) with a mix of the theory and practical application of personalised learning that enhances student engagement and provides a seamless transition from preschool to early years and primary education. The program will include observation of learning spaces in action with Focus Students, Investigations, Tuning In, Reflection, Class Meetings, Communication Boards and Education Research Projects. Teachers demonstrating the pedagogy will speak to the group about their learning journey and answer questions. The leadership teams will also speak from their perspectives about leading and implementing change. The group will visit the new Early Life Foundations Centre, the Zart Showroom and the Walker Learning Approach Demonstration Unit. The Cocktail Party will offer drinks, h’orderves and the opportunity to relax, listen to music and connect with teachers and leaders from across Australia. For more details, please give us a ring. To book in, please go to our 2013 Bookings page. Study Tour Cost: $275 per person (includes Cocktail Party). Please download attached flyer for more details.

Early Life Foundations Newsletter

2 June 2013

Early Life Foundations publishes 4 free newsletters each year. The newsletter is available electronically and in hard copy; it can be downloaded by all subscribers at no cost. The newsletter is for professionals and parents across early childhood and primary years and provides a variety of different topics, issues and handy hints. The newsletter contains information including parent supports, current issues and information on the Walker Learning Approach. Please download our latest newsletter through the "Our Newsletters" page.

Early Life Foundations Centre in Melbourne

28 May 2013

Did you know that the Early Life Foundations Centre has a Demonstration Unit? If you have the opportunity to come visit us in Melbourne, at the end of last year we opened our brand new training facility in Brighton, Victoria - The Early Life Foundations Centre. Our Demonstration Unit at the Centre is especially set up as an early childhood/early years learning environment for anyone working with young children to visit, and gain a first hand experience of how to establish and provide specific play-based, learning provocations, materials and resources for young children. In addition, we also have specific ideas and demonstration of aspects of middle and upper primary years elements. All of our professional development sessions are run at the Centre so that you can observe & experience our learning areas. Need a venue for your next professional development day or committee meeting? Give us ring for customised sessions at our Centre!

Early Life Foundations Conference

27 May 2013

Don't forget to visit the Conference page for more details on our upcoming inaugural Early Life Foundations Conference this October! Registrations are coming in from all over Australia! If you are committed to authentically personalising learning, this conference is a must! The program offers an interactive day with high quality international and national speakers who will provide thought provoking theory and practice underpinning authentic personalised learning. This conference will inspire educators to think of the child beyond the academic and that the child comes with a context of the self, peers, family, culture and the broader community. Early bird registration is happening now!

Early Childhood Educators - Emotional Intelligence Sessions

18 May 2013

We are running 2 great Emotional Intelligence professional development sessions this Friday, May 24! Don't miss out on this opportunity! The first session will run from 9:15am - 12:00pm: "Emotional Intelligence as a Basis for Working as an Early Childhood Educator" ... Regain confidence in yourself as an early childhood professional! How did we arrive at a point where we are so busy taking photos and writing up stories and descriptions of children’s learning that it actually takes us away from teaching and building relationships with children? So much change in such a short space of time! As ECE’s we need to reclaim some confidence and believe in ourselves again – this session revisits our body of knowledge, our professionalism and our expertise. This session will provide practical ideas about practice, philosophy and perspectives on the framework. The second session will run from 1:00pm - 4:00pm: "Being Emotionally Present for the Child" ... Mindfulness and presence in our work and relationship with young children! This session takes a new and refreshing look at building, supporting and maintaining our relationships with children and families as we work as ECE’s. This session uses Family Therapy Models and other theories to deepen our work with children as we scaffold, extend, guide and lead their learning, skills, emotions, behaviour and interactions. To book in, please visit the 2013 Bookings page or give us a ring at (03) 9596 9056.

Professional Development in Collaboration with Zart Art Play Based Learning

6 May 2013

Our hands-on workshops with the team from Zart Art Play Based Learning have been a huge success with participants this year! Don't miss the upcoming sessions running in the second half of the year - you will not be disappointed! Sessions are held at the Early Life Foundations Centre in Brighton and at Zart in Box Hill. For more info or to book in, please contact www.zartart.com.au or call Mari on (03) 9890 1867 or download our PD brochures from the bookings page.

Emotional Intelligence Professional Development Sessions

5 May 2013

Do you ever wish you could improve the relationships you have with your colleagues, children, students or clients? Would you like some support and new strategies on communicating effectively and reflecting on how best to work effectively alongside others? Our Emotional Intelligence (EI) half day professional development sessions cover off these issues and provide practical tips. For more info, give us a ring or download the EI brochure from our bookings page.

Monday Night Parent Sessions at the Early Life Foundations Centre

29 April 2013

Want to improve communication between you and your children whether they are five or ten years of age? How do you get them to listen? How do you help them to express their feelings without always having a tantrum? Our next Monday Night Parent session will be held on May 6th at the Early Life Foundations Centre! Join Kathy & Shona for a practical session that will provide you with strategies to help ensure that relationships and communication continue on within the family. For more info or to book in, please give us a ring or visit our online website bookings. For more information, please download our Parent Session brochure from the 2013 Bookings page.

The Walker Learning Approach - An International Perspective

26 April 2013

Did you know that we receive emails and calls daily from schools & teachers all across the world? We are very excited to have so many international visitors and so many countries inviting us to share our personalised learning and our systems model for teaching to the whole child right across the world! We often think we have to go overseas to observe what others are doing when in fact others are now coming to us for professional development, study tours and to visit state of the art schools and early childhood programs working with us all across Australia. Please check out our Walker Learning Study Tours and contact us to arrange professional development and to visit to one of our fantastic schools and early childhood programs. Right on your own door step, Australia!

New Parenting Fact Sheet Available: Promoting Intrinsic Rather Than Extrinsic Motivation

12 April 2013

Making choices is a fundamental element of almost every facet throughout our lives. As children grow up into adults, parents are not there so much to guide or help children make good choices that will help keep them safe, and ensure they make appropriate choices. The way we parent when children are young, the things we say, how we discipline, the modeling we provide, all help children to develop more intrinsically or extrinsically motivated behaviours. For some tips to support you, please download our latest Parenting Fact Sheet titled "How to Help Your Child Make Appropriate Choices Throughout Their Life: Promoting Intrinsic Rather Than Extrinsic Motivation" on our Parents page.

Monday Night Parent Sessions at the Early Life Foundations Centre

11 April 2013

Don't miss our upcoming Monday Night Parent Session at the Early Life Foundations Centre with Kathy & Shona! Our next session is focussing on the most effective discipline technique of all time - consequences. This is a very practical session that will provide practical support and examples to support parents with their parenting. Book online or by phone to ensure a place! For more information, please download our Parent Session brochure from the 2013 Bookings page.

Walker Learning Approach Prep - Year 6 Study Tour in Melbourne on April 22

10 April 2013

Wondering what the WLA is all about? Would you like to see a WLA school in action? There is still time to book into our upcoming Prep - Year 6 Study Tour in Melbourne. On April 22, we will be visiting the amazing teachers & leaders at Sandringham Primary School! Join us for a day of seeing their dynamic learning spaces in action, observing several of their WLA accredited teachers and speaking with their school leadership team followed by our afternoon professional development session. For more info, please give us a ring or book in through the 2013 Bookings page.

Early Childhood Educators Professional Development in Adelaide

5 April 2013

We are excited to announce that Kathy will be coming to Adelaide on June 28 to run our most popular Early Childhood Educators Professional Development Session titled "Want Your Life Back?" This ECE professional development session will look at documentation and planning that doesn’t take your weekend away or interrupt your interactions with children! Kathy will present a realistic and practical range of strategies to document and record information that links to the NQF expectations and is useful to share with parents and children but does not require huge amounts of time, ink, photos and writing! This PD session is now open for bookings through our website (Internal PD Session, Early Childhood Educators PD) This session will be hosted by Antonio Catholic School in Morphett Vale, SA on Friday, June 28 from 1-4pm. Please download our Early Childhood Educators PD Brochure or give us a ring for more details. Please book in EARLY as this is our most popular ECE session and places will be limited!

Early Life Foundations is on Facebook

4 April 2013

Don't forget to stop by our Early Life Foundations Facebook page. You don't even have to be a member of Facebook to access our page - it is open to the public. We post a variety of photos, quotes, news articles, comments, research and other information daily! www.facebook.com/EarlyLifeFoundations

Professional Development Sessions with Zart Art Play-Based Learning

2 April 2013

Be sure to check out our professional development workshops available for Early Years and Early Childhood Educators, created together with the team at Zart Art Play-Based Learning! These practical workshops give new ideas on increasing your own skills on how to use art, craft, natural material and resources to extend and enrich children's open-ended play, creativity, exploration of and use of their imagination through the use of art materials. Kathy Walker and Zart staff will work together to model the range of rich provocations and uses of materials to use in a rich range of open-ended ways to provoke thinking, imagination, creativity, skill development, language and other areas of learning and development. Sessions are running at both the Early Life Foundations Centre and at Zart throughout the year. Give us a ring for more details!