Debbie M

29 June 2009

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful life saving PD you provided all 55 of us the other day on documenting in early childhood. It really did give me my life back! It also provided me with a greater perspective on how my job is about relationships with children, not running around creating photo stories and learning stories and portfolios that look amazing but actually take us away from the children. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Debbie M

Jennie B

29 June 2009

On behalf of Karyn and myself I would like to thank you both for organising and facilitating the highly worthwhile and beneficial conference for us. The format of the conference was excellent especially visiting schools and observing classes in action. Karyn and I gained so many ideas - our heads have been brimming! At the airport we had some time for deep reflection, over lunch and into the afternoon, before our plane flight. We developed our short, medium and long term goals too! Even though I was so exhausted by the time I got back to Canberra I was still wide awake after midnight thinking and planning... this is not usual after a conference for me! It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet other educators from the NT too and forge new friendships whilst learning about their schools. Last but not least, it was fantastic getting to know you both better in a less formal atmosphere and to share a laugh - developing those relationships is vital in order for us to work so closely and collegially in the future. Ten out of ten to you both and a gold star for your "bus driving skills"! Cheers, Jennie B