Creating an Engaging and Intentional Learning Environment by Kathy Walker and Sh

By Kathy Walker and Shona Bass

The learning environment is a critical element of the Walker Learning Approach. Planning (Statement of Intent), Tuning In and Reflection have to be rigorously implemented and the Investigations must be used to link into other aspects of learning throughout each day. The actual

Parenting Tips

This DVD provides ten practical tips to help parents effectively deal with the everyday challenges they face in raising their children. The strategies are simple, respectful and empowering for parents and children. They set the foundation for building appropriate communication, relationships and behaviors with families.

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Play Matters - Personalised Learning Preschool to Year 2

By Kathy Walker and Shona Bass

This DVD provides explanations and lots of classroom examples of the key elementsof Walker LEARNING - a personalised playbased pedagogy. These key elements include scaffolding and modelling by the educator during Tuning In and Reflection, focus children, the reporter