Intentional teaching through play: birth to six years

Play-based learning has long been a means of facilitating teaching and learning in the early childhood years. The Walker Learning Approach, an Australian-designed, evidence-based play pedagogy, provides a solid base and foundation for intentional and responsive

Personalised learning from grades 3-6

Engagement Matters is an extension of the material covered in the book Play Matters (which focused on prep – Grade 2) and covers Grade 3 through 6. This book provides practical guidance and ideas on how to create an empowering classroom environment for students across grades 3

Future Proofing Your Child by Kathy Walker

Life is full of highs and lows and as our children grow up you can't always be there to help them navigate their emotions or situations. This book tells parents, in very practical terms, what you can do from birth to twelve to ensure your children have their best chance at coping with life.

Parenting by Kathy Walker

Expert parenting and educational consultant Kathy Walker recognises that being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. In her new book, Parenting, Kathy shows you how to create a calmer, more nurturing home environment for children, and provides top strategies for managing challenging behaviour, and gives insightful tips on:

Investigative and Exploratory Learning for Preschool to Grade 2

In this highly successful resource, Kathy Walker demonstrates the key principles of the Walker Learning Approach that she has developed over 15 years of observation, participation and presentation in schools and child care centres across Australia. Play

Ready, Set, Go? by Kathy Walker

How to tell if your child's ready for school and prepare them for the best start.

Ready Set Go is a book written by Kathy Walker. renowned educational consultant who has produced a number of best selling books for parents. Ready Set Go helps parents to know if your child is ready for school and to prepare them for the best possible start.

A guide for parents, teachers and the community on the importance of giving children a childhood. Practical information, ideas and guidance on a range of topics including school readiness, transition, the importance of play, self esteem, resilience and behaviour, as children move from preschool to school.