Kathy Walker

Founding Director

Kathy Walker OAM is the founding Director of Early Life Foundations and is one of Australia's leading parenting and education experts, public speakers and authors. In 2014 she was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM). She has received many additional awards and fellowships throughout her career. Kathy is a lead author with Penguin Publishing and the Australian Council of Educational Research with her texts for parents include: Ready Set Go - School Readiness and Preparation, Parenting, What's the Hurry, Future Proofing Your Children.  Her texts for educators include: Early Childhood Play Matters, Play Matters and Engagement Matters. Kathy is regarded internationally as a leading curriculum, teaching and learning expert in personalised learning and play based learning.  She is the designer of the first major personalised curriculum for schools in Australia (Walker Learning), which is implemented across Australia and internationally. Kathy is the Founding Director of Early Life Foundations, one of Australia's leading parenting and education consultancies in areas of research and consultation in education and parenting. Her expertise in these areas spans over 30 years.  Read more about Kathy...

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