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Kathy Walker - a guru

Dear Kathy, I recently heard you speak about parenting at your old kinder, Box Hill South Preschool, and have had the good fortune to have heard you speak on various topics before. In fact, you also taught me for a semester at Swinburne Uni early childhood dept (in a universe far far away!) I commented that you are such a guru to me in both parenting and professional capacities. I am always recommending your books/website/workshops to others, and tell them that I have two copies of your book - one at home on the bedside table and one on my desk at work. I often refer to your book after a difficult morning at home - once I get into the office after the 'school drop off' I have time to reflect back on what may have gone wrong that morning by leafing through your book - an absolute godsend!

Janine B

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