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Parenting by Kathy Walker

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Expert parenting and educational consultant Kathy Walker recognises that being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. In her new book, Parenting, Kathy shows you how to create a calmer, more nurturing home environment for children, and provides top strategies for managing challenging behaviour, and gives insightful tips on:

  • setting up and maintaining routines
  • promoting self-esteem and resilience, and
  • communicating with your child

Using case studies and concrete examples, Kathy offers advice on handling everyday family situations such as constant fighting between siblings and hassling for the latest gadgets/a new pet/more pocket money, as well as challenges related to school, friendships and separated or blended families.

Comforting and reassuring, Parenting is the must-have guidebook for all Australian parents of preschool and school-age children.

Parenting offers commonsense advice and great tips for dealing with all sorts of issues that arise in the primary years, and helps parents to trust themselves and to really think about parenting as a skill that can be learned.

Kathy Walker is a renowned educational and parenting consultant and a regular parenting commentator in the media. A former university lecturer in education, Kathy is the author of the bestselling book for parents, What's the Hurry, and the teachers' guide, Play Matters. Kathy is the founding director of the not for profit organisation Early Life Foundations (

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