Shona Bass

Managing Director

Shona Bass is a Director of Early Foundations and a renowned consultant who has worked in the education, medical and health sector for thirty years. Shona completed her PhD in the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne. She conducts a range of professional development sessions across Australia and internationally for staff working across all sectors of early childhood and primary education as well as a range of government organisations. Shona works with a variety of professions on an extensive range of topics related to leadership, team building and developing relationships.

Shona was a Professor and Head of School at Deakin University and has been published widely in international peer reviewed journals and has written many book chapters.  Her publications have been referred to and cited extensively in the international arena.  Shona is a well-known speaker internationally and nationally. She works with educators, allied professionals and parent groups across the county in a broad range of topics including school readiness, school transition, children's behaviour, resilience, self esteem, personalised learning, developmental curriculum, emotional intelligence and all facets of leadership.

Shona's role as Director of Early Life Foundations is focused on international initiatives, research and indigenous education. She works extensively across the Northern Territory with preschool and primary teachers and assistant teachers working in indigenous communities. Shona has used the Walker Learning Approach to develop the engagement of indigenous children in education and to personalise their learning in a way that is culturally appropriate.

Shona is the author of the bestselling book for primary educators Engagement Matters - Personalised Learning for Year 3 to Year 8, and the educational resource DVD Creating an Engaging and Intentional Learning Environment. Shona is responsible for the conception, development and implementation of key initiatives for Early Life Foundations and the Walker Learning Approach.

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