Managing Stress and Promoting Wellbeing in Today's Uncertain World. Presented by Channel 9's Resident Psychologist, Dr Marny Lishman


As the saying goes, "…you can't pour from an empty cup," and never does this seem so true than when we're feeling stressed.

The wellbeing of teachers is particularly relevant now as we navigate the uncertainty of today's world where we're being asked to respond quickly, adapt and embrace the unknown as professionals while still trying to nurture our own lives and those of the children in our classrooms and schools. Turning adversity into opportunity is a skill and it all starts with a thriving self.

Join us from the comfort of your living room, garden or even your work environment for 'Thrive' a webinar that gives participants the knowledge and the mindset to work towards creating a satisfying and fulfilling life, even when working under stress.

Channel 9's Resident Psychologist, Dr. Marny Lishman presents this dynamic webinar. Marny speaks on a wide variety of topics to promote mental health and wellbeing. She provides media commentary on a variety of mental health topics on local and national TV, radio and in print. In this session, Marny will discuss the 7 key areas that individuals need to be aware of to facilitate wellbeing, both personally and professionally.

If you're looking to learn more about what a psychologist knows are the key areas that people need to embrace to not only thrive during tough times but also flourish when the tough times are over, then join us for our webinar 'Thrive.'

Suitable for all educators who work with children – Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary