Inclusive Outdoor Play


A practical guide to meeting additional needs

Anne Vize

Inclusive Outdoor Play Spaces is a warm and engaging guide that highlights the importance of outdoor play for all young children, including those with additional needs. This resource demonstrates how creativity and lateral thinking can transform outdoor areas into inclusive environments that support every child’s development.

Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children with Additional Needs:

  • Motor Skills Development: Outdoor play helps children with additional needs develop crucial motor skills through activities that encourage movement and coordination.
  • Physical Fitness and Aerobic Exercise: Engaging in outdoor play promotes physical fitness and provides essential aerobic exercise, contributing to overall health and well-being.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Outdoor environments offer opportunities for social interaction and emotional growth, helping children build relationships and develop confidence.

Creating Inclusive Outdoor Play Spaces:

  • Creativity and Lateral Thinking: Discover how a bit of creativity and innovative thinking can make outdoor play spaces accessible and enjoyable for all children, regardless of their abilities.
  • Engaging and Practical: This book provides engaging and practical solutions for creating inclusive play environments, making it easier for educators and caregivers to implement.

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Anne Vize

Anne Vize specialises in writing for children and young people who learn in different and unique ways. She is a special educator and writer from Melbourne and works to develop print and digital resources for children, their teachers and supporters. She works in the vocational sector developing learning resources for training providers and creates freelance content to support the new vocational major curriculum in Victoria. Anne is fortunate to be able to divide her time between writing and exploring the wonders of sailing and windsurfing on the stunning Port Phillip Bay.

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