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Dear Kathy, I recently heard you speak about parenting at your old kinder, Box Hill South Preschool, and have had the good fortune to have heard you speak on various topics before. In fact, you also taught me for a semester at Swinburne Uni early childhood dept (in a universe far far away!) I commented that you are such a guru to me in both parenting and professional capacities. I am always recommending your books/website/workshops to others, and tell them that I have two copies of your book - one at home on the bedside table and one on my desk at work.

Janine B

This was a great course, lots of opportunity share ideas with only 10 participants. having been out of the mainstream environment for 15 years and working in early intervention, this was a great course to remind me of some of the things that I use to do but also to gain an understanding of some of the changes that have occurred over this time. it also assisted to clear up some of those urban myths in regards to documenting (what it needs to look like) and what must be on a planning document.

Leanne Clutterbuck

Fantastic to see it in action gave a greater depth of understanding. Really enjoyed watching actual classroom teachers do the tuning in and reflection aspects of the approach. Would be nice to have received some regonition/certificate of attendance at these sessions. Well worth the trip from WA to Victoria.

Jodie Goss

I found the day to be informative, interesting and valuable. I found the presenters to be friendly , professional, practical, and really knew what a classroom situation was like. They we're able to relay practical information for use in the kindergarten educational setting. Katie and I have implemented strategies in our class room and presented to the early years what we learnt on the day. I really enjoyed the presentation and would like to learn more.

Jenny Canty

ELF..Fabulous..........inspired once again...re-educated...refreshed...reassured...and renewed once again... thanks to Walker Learning.A wonderful professional development day... Shona Bass n Melinda...you rock!!

Bernadette Anne Cullen

Hi Ladies. This PD was fabulous! It confirmed to me that we were on the right path in thinking in developmental terms rather that thinking in terms of the framework in regards to children's learning and development. I have discussed this briefly with staff at our centre but will do so in more detail at our first staff meeting next term. We had our 'Assessment Visit' so all of our energy was being put towards finalising everything in preparation. It just makes more sense to me and identifies areas individual children need to work on and perhaps be referred for specialist help.

Barbara Hooper

I learnt so much from the PD that i took back and discussed at length with my fellow educators and management. I always enjoy doing PDs at Early Life Foundations I always come away with so much knowledge and so many things i can put into practice.

Pamela Minns

This PD was one of the most valuable to understand Education Research Projects, especially how to utilise students interest. It provided clarity to both the teacher and student roles within this aspect of the Walker pedagogy. I appreciated the way Shona really targeted each individual teachers needs for the lesson and allowed us to have discussions throughout the day about our practice, how we could implement these aspects into the classroom and school and where to next in our own school's learning journey. Thank you again for the session. Brilliant!

Stacey Karolidis

I had a great time on the tour and was very much inspired by Walker Learning. I gained valuable ideas and strategies which I can't wait to begin implementing in my classroom. Sylvia Faed Mother Teresa Catholic College

A very informative two days which reaffirmed/confirmed my notion of Walker learning pedagogy, also good to see the links to ERPs which we are intending to use in our Year 3-6 classes. Great to see the ideas in practice at the two schools we visited and take photos etc. Good for the three staff members from our school to attend together to discuss etc.​

Nigel Kilpatrick

I was really impressed with the whole day, from the welcome to the environment set up for ideas and the whole presentation. The group size was good and everyone felt relaxed and happy to share their ideas and join in the discussion. Had a great day. Came away inspired and more understanding about how to be mindful and incorporate on a day to day basis in the class.  

Helen Angus

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