How do you know when your child is ready? What does readiness mean and why is it important?

There are confusing messages in the community about when is the best time to send a child to school. Did you know that Victoria has one of the youngest entry ages to school of many places across the world?

This session considers the importance of sending a child to school when they have the maturity to make the most of their learning and to enjoy their 13 years of formal schooling rather than just “cope” or play catch up for many years.


Some researchers claim that whether you are mature or not, you may get the same score in Year 12 as children who were more mature and so readiness is not a major issue. This session debunks the claim that readiness for school is as simple as a score at the end. It is the journey that matters and how you feel about yourself along the way. Readiness indicators and support strategies for parents are provided in this session for parents wishing to think about when to start their child at school and preschool years.

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