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Walker Learning Accreditation

Accreditation Process

Walker Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that aims to personalise learning for students and to equip them with a range of holistic skills for life. Literacy, numeracy, the arts, sciences and   a strong sense of identify, resilience, emotional and social development, decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving, self-management, communication and inter-personal skills. 

Educators and leaders who implement Walker Learning undertake a commitment in which they demonstrate an understanding of the pedagogy, and have undertaken at least 30 hours of professional learning and mentoring. The school leadership has embraced the pedagogy and support staff in resourcing for environments, mentoring and professional learning.

Educators nominate the stage of development they wish to apply for accreditation ie ECE, F-2 or 3-6.  Accreditation in one stage of development does NOT translate to accreditation in other areas of development.


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