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Walker Learning NZ

Walker Learning is being implemented extensively across New Zealand and there is a Walker Learning School (Lytton Street School) and Consultant (Trudi Rei AP at Lytton Street School) in New Zealand. 

Walker Learning is a holistic approach to teaching to the whole of a child and is committed to developing children who can think for themselves and for others, can create and imagine, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, and who can navigate the challenges of the world with intrinsic motivation and a strength of character made of a strong sense of self and resilience.

Walker Learning is a culturally and developmentally appropriate pedagogy and is aligned with the key vision of the New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum

The National Curriculum is composed of The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa which set the direction for student learning and provide guidance for schools as they design and review their curriculum.  Although both come from different perspectives, each start with a vision of young people developing the competencies they need for study, work, and lifelong learning, so they may go on to realise their potential.

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