MENTORING BLOCKS (1 Educator) (Online Mentoring)


There is no doubt the Coronavirus has impacted both our lives and work practices. The education sector has been required to make considerable changes, delivering a combination of distance and face to face learning, both of which have created extra challenges and workload.

Early Life Foundations and Walker Learning are currently developing a range of online PD sessions for educators and schools to access during these unprecedented times in our Education Community.

To ensure you also have continued mentoring support during the Covid-19 restrictions. we have developed on-line mentoring options in the interim.

We are not recommending this as a replacement for face to face mentoring as we firmly believe personal connection is the most effective model to support the rigorous implementation and understanding of the Walker Teaching and Learning pedagogy.

We reviewed the varied ways schools use mentoring when working with consultants-and have developed options to accommodate these different needs. The costs are reflective of not having the consultant on site.

Book online mentoring (only available in blocks of 3). The Walker consultant will be in touch with you prior to each mentoring session to scope and plan your needs.

Online Mentoring is conducted via ZOOM or MICROSOFT TEAMS