Join us for a full-day intensive focusing on inquiry learning in the middle and upper years of primary school. This day will focus on Walker Learning core elements in upper primary, Planning and Documentation and Education Research Projects.

Walker learning Core Elements (Years 3-6)

This session outlines the key elements of Walker Learning Year 3 - 6 including:

  • Focus students and tuning in
  • Communication boards in action
  • The learning environment
  • Explanations of class meetings and aspects of Education Research Projects

Walker Learning Planning & Documentation Years 3-6

An informative and practical PD session for educators who are implementing Walker Learning and want a deeper understanding of Walker Learning documentation to streamline planning in the middle and upper levels of Primary school.

In this session we review 3-6 Walker Learning documentation that enhances planning, observations, assessment and reporting, including:

  • Planning templates (Statement of Intent)
  • Individual Observation Planning Records (IOPR)
  • Assessment options

Education Research Projects in Walker Learning

ERP’s are the study and research of a major curriculum area over the course of one term. Participants will learn how to provide immersion experiences and teach skills for students to explore and learn through a research project.

The role of learning intentions of the main subject focus will be explored relating to conceptual understandings, demonstration of skills and knowledge.

Integrating the ERP with other curriculum areas will be reviewed so that teachers can facilitate and personalise the planning and negotiations of the ERP with the student.